About Me

Murali M Sundaram– Happyness coach
Murali – Author, Inspirational Speaker, Facilitator, Coach & an International Trainer, student of Brian Tracy – world’s renowned management guru, is a trained Pharmacist, has over 17 years of experience in thetraining industry & selling space and has held management positions in Health-care & Wellness Industry. This diversity of skills and industry & global exposure, means delegates will benefit from his business experience and know-how. He is a Qualified NLP Trainer/therapist NFNLP USA, Neurofeedback & Biofeedback Trainer andPsychological Counsellor who is dedicated in maintaining High Quality Standards. He is a Reiki Master & a practitioner of Kriya yoga & Gnana Yoga.
Murali has successfully trained more than 75,000 Professionals, Executives & Students on Personal, Managerial & Leadership Effectiveness, Organizational Development, Peak Performance & Wellness. .
He is the Director & Happyness Coach of Excel People Centric Solutions Pvt ltd, based at Chennai. (www.HappynessCoach.co.in)
He is the Co-founder of TGR-Happyness Circle(www.happynesscircle.com).
He is the Co-creator of Breath@Work – a transformation program for Peak Performance & Inner well-being.(www.breathatwork.com)


  • Enjoys Changing Human Behaviour
  • Blends Yogic Science-Neuro Science-Management Science
  • Vast experience over different domains, geographies and methodologies
  • Avid reader and learner with hands-on experience in varied arts & disciplines
  • Transformational trainer


  • Will definitely move your Body and soul.
  • Will force you to look into areas that you may want to ignore

Favourite methods:

  • FuNLP – Fun Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • VedicNLP – Vedic Neuro Linguistic Programming ( VeNLP)
  • Breathing, Yoga, Hypnosis, Creative Visualization, Music & dance
  • Interactive, experiential sessions, either indoors or out, that Invokes latent/primal energy.


  •  Breath@Work – Peak Performance & Inner Well-Being
  •  Design your Destiny
  •  TGR Happyness Circle master trainer
  •  Success Mastery Bootcamp
  •  Hi-5 Life & Leadership Mastery
  •  MBA Certification ( Masters in Breathing Administration)
  •  Business Consulting
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Recent pic with my mentor Brian Tracy, Aug’12, India
murali with brian