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Listening – Align your Breath, Heart & Brain

listenListening is simple, but not easy. Every head is a world!

Did you know that the number one reason for communication failure in relationships or business is failure to LISTEN.

What is Listening – It is a

1. Choice
2. Art
3. Gift

Choice: Choosing to listen is a decision. Many a times we are completely unaware that we are making a choice. Listening is not a passive activity. It’s not about being quiet or even hearing the words. It’s an action and it takes energy to listen.

It’s easier to notice conscious choices. If we don’t want to hear what someone is saying, we can tune him/her out in an instant. Once we become aware of listening as a choice, we will notice that we have many opportunities to practice choosing to listen in our daily lives. It is a profound awakening.

Gift: In fact, one of the greatest gifts we can give yourself or others is to listen to him or her with total attention. When somebody listens to you, he was simply there with you, you felt understood, refreshed, whole, connected and healed. Thinking about listening as a gift that you either give or receive places a new emphasis on the value of listening. It makes it easier to slow down or savor the conversation, either by opening up to receive the gift or by extending the hospitality of giving the gift.

Art: There are many wonderful techniques and tools from the Neuro-science & Indian Yogic science for more effective listening. It is a learn-able skill and the most important skill to cope up with the current stressful life.

So, Are you ready to learn?

Listening is a learn-able skill which involves alignment of all your 4 quadrants of the personality i.e., physical, mental, emotional & spiritual. All the four parts are closely inter-connected and ignoring any one will not yield in enhanced listening capabilities.

Everywhere I see people talk , explain & learn only the mental part of listening.

Effective listening requires three instruments or tools – Breath, Heart & Brain.

In TGR – Happyness Circle program, happening on 6th Jan 2013 , Chennai, India, I’m going to share a powerful technique which will help you to heighten your listening capabilities. For more information click this link and join us tomorrow:


Breath@Work – Basic Practitioner Workshop – 18th Jan 2013

breath@work_flyerAre you ready to raise your BP?

Do you know that the way you breathe  directly affects your performance?

Your earning potential, your career growth, relationships, your health, well-being are all affected and controlled by the way you breathe.

Breath affects Performance!

One day workshop to take back control of your Performance & well-being.

This workshop is designed exclusively for people who are in the top of the professional career and for those who wants to be there.

This program is a certified Basic Practitioner Workshop & a pre-requisite for the future train the trainer program.

Date: 18th Jan 2013

Venue: Hotel Residency Tower, T.Nagar, Chennai

Time: 9 am – 5.30 pm

Investment: Rs. 4500/- for non-members, Rs.4000/- for TGR members.

Limited seats only. Prior registration required.

Call 98407 29580 for more information and registration.

Money, Money, Money – How to double your Income

dollarsWhat is Money?

Have you observed it very closely?

Do you want MORE money?

This week, in TGR, we are going to share with you a simple and powerful technique to double your income, may be even more, when you take ACTION.

Are you ready?

Then, get ready for a moneyful year ahead!

Time: Sharp 7am – 9am

Venue: Andhra Chamber of Commerce, Nandanam, Chennai

For registration click this link